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Your Local Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Professionals

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen exhaust system is essential for optimum performance and safety.

A regularly cleaned system:

  • Provides improved exhaust ventilation removing more odor and smoke from your establishment.
  • Meets compliance standards for state and federal health as well as fire codes.
  • Could result in a lower insurance premium.
  • Most importantly: reduces and removes the build up of grease in your system, the primary factor in kitchen fires.

Michigan Hood Cleaning provides the highest standard of service for all your kitchen exhaust cleaning and maintenance needs.

  • NFPA 96 standards are followed for all steam-cleanings of your commercial kitchen exhaust ventilation system.
  • The first time Michigan Hood Cleaning services your ventilation system, we include a thorough inspection and mapping of your entire system from the roof to the floor.
  • We clean the hood system from the fan on the roof down to the floor in the kitchen. All equipment is moved or covered as needed.
  • Your system will be cleaned to industry standards using high pressure steam cleaning of the hoods, ducts, and fans.
  • Careful hand scraping is used when necessary to provide the most thorough cleaning job possible.
  • Hoods are shined and polished.

About Michigan Hood Cleaning

Michigan Hood Cleaning is a family owned and operated business that has provided hood cleaning for restaurants and other commercial installations for over 15 years. Our family prides itself on providing quality work at a competitive price.

Servicing most of Michigan, Michigan Hood Cleaning offers a higher standard of service for all your kitchen exhaust ventilation cleaning and maintenance needs while following the NFPA 96 standards.

Michigan Hood Cleaning is fully insured, with qualified, uniformed technicians, truck mounted equipment, and clearly lettered vans for your safety and peace of mind.

Now Offering Commercial Beer Tap Line Cleaning

Mold, bacteria, and wild yeasts can find their way into even the cleanest tap lines, even if your sanitation practices are very good. Over time, disconnects, beverage lines, and faucets can accumulate a layer of calcium oxalate, more commonly called beer stone. Beer stone harbors and nurtures spoiling bacteria, and it can create tiny nucleation sites that promote gushing and poor head retention. In severe cases, you may even get white floaters in your beer.

We will run a pressurized solution through your lines, ensuring a clean system. When it comes to cleaning your beer lines, Call a Professional…Call Michigan Beer Line Cleaning at (517) 861-1523.

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